Christ is our inspiration to sing songs which bring people closer in relationship with him and one another. If through the music you're doing that, it's really not you doing it. You're doing it through Christ, and that's good.
Band members do not believe that the Catholic Church should rush out and put their high-decibel music in Sunday liturgies. They understand the need for reverence and tradition in liturgical music, especially in the Catholic Mass.
But there is a need for youth ministries to offer musical styles that help people grow spiritually and for the church to encourage different forms of music as paths to evangelization. 
The goal is not necessarily to modernize the church but to open doors to Catholic music that is being made and being played and this is good as it brings us closer to the heart of worship.
Our Rock Band performs contemporary Christian music -- through the use of guitars, basses, drums, flutes and trumpets which is meant to spread the message of faith in our hearts. 
For more information on becoming a member of the Rock Band please call the rectory at 516.931.4351