Dear Brothers and Sisters,
This past week we celebrated two important feasts on the Church calendar. First, All Saints Day, where we honor those men and women whose holiness reminds us of who we are called to be and who spur us on to strive to be holy in our own lives. Because of their great love for God and neighbor, we hold them up as heroic  examples and they in turn, continue to live on carrying out the mission they had in this life by advocating for us now as they stand before God. Secondly, we had the feast of All Souls. This day is an opportunity to remember all those who after striving in this life, continue on in their journey to be with God. We commemorated this feast with a special Mass on Wednesday evening where all those who have lost a loved over the past year, were invited to come together to pray, to grieve and find comfort in the promises of Christ for eternal life for their loved ones and for themselves. At this Mass I took the opportunity to offer words of thanks to the members of the recently inaugurated Ministry of Consolation. The Ladies and Gentlemen of this ministry have provided a wonderful gift to our grieving families by acting as greeters, liturgical ministers, bakers, by creating memorial booklets for each individual funeral; in essence by being the face of Christ to our brothers and sisters in some of the saddest times they and their families have faced. I can’t thank them enough for the support and care they have given and continue to give to our grieving families. Members are always needed to help in this ministry. You do not need to have any prior experience, but simply a desire to help. Now you may feel that you have nothing to offer or may feel that you are unable to walk with a grieving family, but actually you can still be part of this ministry. Help with producing the booklets, writing consolation cards for the families, or even baking a cake are integral parts to this ministry. If you are interested in participating, please contact Angela Manzi through the rectory office for more details.
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