Dear Parishioners of Our Lady of Mercy Family,
Greetings and Peace of the Lord be with you!

As we transition into the Season of Ordinary Time in our Church Liturgical Year, I wish to take this opportunity on behalf of the Clergy and Staff to extend my heartfelt gratitude for all the wonderful gifts, cards and holiday treats extended to us. Your generosity and thoughtfulness is most appreciated! Moreover, I want to especially commend the parish community for the overwhelmingly generous sacrificial monetary offerings that were given during this Holy Season at the Eucharistic celebrations, or by other means, as we honored Jesus’ birth at Christmas and revered our Most Holy Mother of God and welcomed in the New Year!         Read More!

As mentioned, these sacrificial offerings will be put toward our parish ministry initiatives as we continue to serve together and build up the Body of Christ here at OLM and beyond. As I said in a previous letter, there are so many great things happening here each and every day; miracles occurring in our midst when we open the eyes of our hearts. It is a true honor and privilege to serve with you and for you each day as we share the one priesthood of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. In this Sunday’s Gospel message speaks to us about the call of Andrew and how the disciples stood and stared as Jesus passed by.

Christ is forever passing by in our midst, and His invitation is straightforward and open-ended. He is constantly asking us the question of what we really want out of life. If we wish to discover where Jesus lives; He throws His life open for our inspection under many different disguises. He invites us to “come and see” Him; homeless and hungry, sleeping on pavements and under doorways in the wet and cold, incarcerated in jail, or lying sick in a hospital bed and need of our assistance and prayers. God’s call is an ongoing affair and often reaches us through the plight of a neighbor. It takes courage to open our hearts and minds to answer that calling. Sacrifices will have to be made, and perhaps even an interruption to our lifestyle. If we are to be the people God wants us to be, and to do the job He intends us to do, then we must give ourselves wholeheartedly to Jesus Christ who has already given Himself to us. Openness to others combined with real sensitivity to their needs, and with a willingness to share our time, talents and treasures are essential qualities for us to develop as we strive to share fully in Christ’s vocation. “Here [we are] Lord, [we] come to do Your will!” On behalf of the Clergy, Sisters of Mercy, and the entire Staff, we wish you a very happy, blessed, healthy and safe New Year! Our prayer for 2018 is that it be a year of peace, hope and happiness for all of us sharing in Christ’s love and mercy. May the good Lord, the Prince of Peace, continue to bless our parish family with an abundance of His gifts of grace, and may our Blessed Mother Mary, Our Lady of Mercy, keep us always under the mantle of her love, care and protection. Sincerely, yours in Christ, Father John McCarthy     Back to Top