Funeral arrangements are to be made with the Funeral Home Director.
Many of our parish women and men are part of this wonderful ministry, to help families during their time of loss. To be there to offer condolences, being a greeter as they enter the church, helping as escorts, and cake bakers, our men who help with ushering and seating for the family, and so much more.
If you have read the letter from Father Steve in the Bulletin you will know what this ministry means to so many families and how appreciative they are.
we are hoping some might be willing to also be part of this ministry.
All anyone needs is a kind heart in giving support and sympathy during a difficult time in the family's life; as we all need at times.
If you think you would like to join us, this amazing group of women and men in our MINISTRY OF CONSOLATION
Please contact the Rectory and leave your name and phone number and I will get in touch with you.
It's only an hour out of your day; you will still be attending Mass and receiving Communion but most importantly you will be there for the families.
Which is what God intended we each other always!
May God bless you always!
Angela Manzi - Coordinator Ministry of Consolation, 516.938.8106,
Fr. Steve - Moderator