Adult Ed. Classes, Lectures, Bible Study, and More!

Adult Education
Classes, Lectures, Bible Studies, Conferences

There are several options available to answer your challenging questions, clear up misinformation, strengthen and solidify your understanding of the Catholic Faith, assist you in becoming more informed on critical issues, and help you grow spiritually.

1. Adult Education Classes - Take advantage of entire course or drop by for topics of interest. Classes are taught by our Pastor, Deacon and Parish Priests, as well as experienced catechists. Weekly from October to June, 10:00 - 11:30 am in the Convent Basement
This dynamic program is open to all Adult Catholics, as well as those in need of Sacraments (RCIA). The structured class setting provides both a clear understanding of the fullness of Catholic Teaching on an adult level while inspiring a great love and passion for the Catholic Faith.
Additionally, the classes serve to reduce stress, give you the tools to more effectively handle problems and crisis, help you to forgive the unforgiveable, assist you in turning suffering into triumph, as well as discovering the real secret to achieving success and happiness. Bonus features include the strengthening of men and women in their roles as single persons, husbands, wives, and parents and equipping Catholics to better explain and defend their Faith, while developing a more mature spiritual life.
Contact the Coordinators for schedule of topics or just come down to a class!

2. Monthly Monday Night Lectures
One Monday evening a month (from October to June) our parish hosts a dynamic guest speaker on a relevant topic. Contact the coordinators to receive email information for scheduled dates/topics. (Time 7:30-9pm in either the Lower Church or Convent Basement)

3. Monthly Monday Night Bible Study
One Monday evening of the month, we hold a Bible Study Night in the Convent Basement from 7:30-9pm. The Bible Study Nights are given by our Parish Priests and Deacon and focus on the Gospel. Contact the Coordinators for more information and to receive email alerts for each session. (Having your email connection helps to communicate when there are cancellations due to weather or parish conflicts.)

4. Conferences
From time to time, Our Lady of Mercy parish hosts a half-day Saturday Conference or other special featured events. Dynamic guest speakers have included Dr. Scott Hahn and Matthew Kelly. Most recently, we hosted a wonderful Night of Recollection with Father Charles and Laurie Mangano. Contact the Coordinators to be placed in the email data base and receive notification of future events.

NOTE: Options two through four provide excellent avenues for continuing education for those who have taken the Sunday Adult Education Classes.

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